Ed Wallace Construction, Inc. was founded in 1992 by Ed Wallace and is now owned by his son Clay Wallace, where their specialty remains in pipeline and terminal contracting.

Over many years, Ed Wallace Construction Inc. has grown into a larger corporation and has expanded its construction footprint to cover the Eastern seaboard, including parts of the Midwest, and now provides a wide range of pipeline services including but not limited to; maintenance and repairs to pipelines and facilities, line relocations, anomaly digs, and station modifications. Ed Wallace Construction, Inc. is well trained and equipped to respond to any pipeline emergency.

The best service

Knowledge & Experience
Quick Response For Emergencies
In-House Resources and Capabilities
Proven Safety Record

Honest partnership

We STRONGLY believe that our success and the success of our customer relationships stem from honest, hard work and a willingness to be a part of a team in pursuit of a common goal. That goal is excellence with our priority on safety.


As mentioned above, our commitment to safety and professionalism is a cornerstone of Ed Wallace Construction, Inc. and can be proven by our track record. Our management strongly believes that in order to achieve excellence we have to practice what we preach. The trust we have built with our employees and our customers is a testament to the work ethic of both management and employee.